Character FAQ

This page is for character background questions specifically. If you don’t know what class/race to play, check out Character Creation, 5e Classes, or 5e Heroes.

What should I name my character?
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Generally, names are based on race. For the common races:

  • Humans can be named anything, even names in other languages.
  • High elves prefer graceful-sounding names, ending in “-iel” or “-ia.” Wood elves tend to have names referring to something natural, like “Greenleaf” or “Silverbranch.” Many dark elves honor their chief deity with names ending in “-th” or “ith,” but also those that refer to the Underdark.
  • Dwarves like names that represent place in society, family, and Dwarven culture. “Goldsmith” or “Forgemaster” are common last names.
  • Halflings like descriptive names, but also earned titles. First names tend to be short, like “Tibi” or “Kodo.”

How does gender/sexuality work in High Realm?
This depends a lot on race. As a blanket answer, your character can be whoever you want, but be prepared to deal with opinions (and then resolve them). For the common races:

  • Humans are pretty much okay with everything, but those who cannot continue their family line are seen as failures. This culture is more prevalent in some places rather than others.
  • Elves have a more specific view of gender, and the idea of changing gender/sexuality frequently is generally frowned upon, as elves pride themselves on their unchanging nature. In high elf society, questions of gender or sexuality are seen as very invasive and rude, while to wood elves and dark elves these questions are acceptable. High elves and dark elves prefer a binary system, while wood elves are ambivalent.
  • Dwarves don’t adhere to conventional gender or gender roles, but you will see differences between surface dwelling dwarves and city dwarves. Surface dwarves, especially traveling dwarves, tend to pick up the gendered dressing and behavior of other races, but this is usually for stylistic purposes.
  • Halflings put gender and sexuality as less important than other aspects of one’s identity. They also have a host of genderfluid and non-binary designations that tend not to translate accurately to other languages.

Do I need to choose a deity?
No. For divine characters (paladin, cleric, druid) it’s wise to, otherwise you need to figure out another source of divine power. Some alternatives:

  • For paladin, you can simply be some variant of fighter that also uses spells. You may have also learned spells from a priest, but did not adopt their religion in the end. In this case, their god still would favor you, but not to the same extent as a true believer. You might also draw your divine source from within yourself (your belief in yourself fuels your spells).
  • Similarly, for a cleric you can be a variant of mage who uses divine spells. You might not need to worship a god outright to use their power (perhaps you believe your magic comes from some other source).
  • For both paladins and clerics, if you choose the option of drawing power from a god but not believing in them, be careful for which god you are doing this. If it is a forgiving one, they will likely be fine with this as well as minor violations of their code. If not, the consequences can be pretty dire.
  • Druids need not be religious at all. You could have innate nature magic, or such mastery over the elements that you can form spells to control them. For druids, the worship of deities is encouraged in most circles, but not required.
  • As a last resort, your character can believe in nothing and deny the existence of deities. This, of course, fuels the God of Denial.

Can I use High Realm Technology?
HRT is still in development and will likely appear as minor items or in-use by NPCs. However, if you are set on using it, there are some options and things to consider.

  • Chaos-power is volatile, dangerous, and risky.
  • Steam-power is vulnerable to magic without the aid of costly divine enchantments.
  • Soul-forging is reserved for a specific number of dwarves only, and requires a very specific backstory.
    As a caveat for potential Warforged, you must have another character in the party committed to being your engineer, with a fitting background.

Character FAQ

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