Day of the Red Sun

Six years ago, the sun rose in the sky and was red.

They say that in the Land of Gold a great evil awoke, one that had slumbered for centuries beneath a city of light. And for this the sun blazed red, a warning and a sign from Pelor.

For three days the sun rose and fell, and with each new day blazed less brightly, and waned like the moon. The air turned cold, the powers of Peloran clerics and paladins faded, and the shadows seemed to darken. Then, on the fourth day, the sun did not rise at all. The night seemed endless, only the pale moon to light the way.

On the fifth day, the sun rose again, bright and shining. And the days were warm, and light was restored. But a second sun rose as well, and it shone red, and had a black heart, darker even than the darkest nights. This day was named the Day of the Red Sun.

The second sun did not rise again, and has not been seen for many years.

But they say that in the Land of Gold, in the city of light, there is a new order, the watchers for the day when the sun rises red once again.

Those of Auram tell a more harrowing tale, a tale of the Day of the Doombringer. On that fateful day, from the catacombs beneath Goldwall rose a great monster from ages past: the Doombringer. The people of Auram raced to defeat it, and Goldwall banded together with the great cities of Ashgill, Valgarde, and Mirna to form the Goldwall Aliance, and bring down the Doombringer. They say some secret magic of the elves and a great weapon of the dragons were used to slay the creature, but at the cost of the Sun itself. Thankfully, the sun was reborn anew, and peace at last reigns over Auram.

Day of the Red Sun

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