Dragon Colors

See also: the Dragon Lords

Dragons are separated into metallic and chromatic. Metallic dragons are the children of Bahamut, who created all of them at once. Chromatic dragons are the children of Tiamat, created in order of their strength. Chromatic dragons are more plentiful than metallic dragons.

There are some rare hybrids of the two, but they are not typically able to produce children.

Metallic Dragons

  • Gold (Fire)- The gold dragons were the first to help the mortals, and were considered the unofficial leaders of the metallic dragons. Many gold dragons lived in Auram, and were most involved there. Now, no gold dragons remain, though their bones are said to be buried in the Goldwall catacombs, as the ruling family of Goldwall is said to have gold dragon’s blood.
  • Bronze (Lightning)- Most common in deserts in the Eastern Kingdoms and Imber, where they quarreled with the blue dragons. Bronze dragons have a relatively sizable population, but after the Chaos War they have distanced themselves from mortals. Many are said to have giant floating lairs in the wreckage of old sky-kingdoms.
  • Brass (Fire)- Most common in Ditain. Brass dragons are humbler and tamer than gold dragons, and have good relations with mortals in their area. They are the smallest of the metallic dragons.
  • Copper (Acid)- The rarest of the metallic dragons. Copper dragons were devastated by the war against the Dragon Lords. Only a handful remain, hidden away.
  • Silver (Cold)- The most common of the metallic dragons, silver dragons are active to this day and are known to be good friends to local mortals. They prefer to keep small, tidy hoards which helps with relations. They are most common in the North.

Chromatic Dragons

  • Red (Fire)- Tiamat’s first and favorite children, and her greatest creations. Red dragons are all that dragonkind were meant to be. They are the most successful of the chromatic dragons, and are still active in the world. They were the chromatic leaders and dominators in the time of the Dragon Lords. They are most common in the North and Auram.
  • White (Cold)- Tiamat’s second children. They are dwindling in number and separated, with many hibernating within ancient lairs, waiting for the right time to emerge. As such, they are not considered as successful as their kin the red dragons. They are also most common in the North and Auram.
  • Green (Poison)- Twins to the blue dragons, following the end of the war against the Dragon Lords, the green dragons sought an accord with the people of Skalholm for mutual protection. Any isolated or separated green dragons were mercilessly killed, leaving these green dragons as the only known survivors.
  • Blue (Lightning)- Twins to the green dragons, the blue dragons were the most common of the chromatic dragons in the past. They were particularly powerful in Imber, Ditain, the Eastern Kingdoms, and even parts of Auram. But their power and wealth made them careless, and they were all hunted down and killed. No blue dragons remain, though their blood is said to persist in blue dragonborn and dragon-blooded mortals.
  • Black (Acid)- Tiamat’s youngest and smallest children. The black dragons rarely work together. They prefer temperate and warm, swampy areas, so are usually found in Ditain, Imber, southern Auram, and the Elven Forest. Even when the dragons reigned, black dragons prefered to remain out of the spotlight so it is unclear how many remain, but because they avoided the fighting their population is likely quite large.

Dragon Colors

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