Kyloth, God of Darkness and Death

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Few dare speak his name. He is Kyloth, God of Darkness and Death, the Drowned God, Ky’Lotha the Void God to the Drow and Elves, Mother of Tiamat to the Dragons, Brimir or the Lord of Tharizdun to the Dwarves. He is an Old God, born from the Sea, who bears a heart of blackest ice, whose cold seeps into the souls of even the most righteous of champions. Kyloth asks only for nothingness and void, only for souls sent into the darkness. From him, all that is evil said to originate, from the foulest of beasts to the corrupting thoughts of men.

But make no mistake. No Old God can claim to be evil or good. For if an adventurer is so unlucky as to encounter a follower of the Drowned God, they would learn that Kyloth gives only truth to his followers. He promises no power or riches in death or life, nor threats or curses.

No, he gives only truth, and it is the greatest and most terrifying truth of all: That all things, even death, must die.

Kyloth, God of Darkness and Death

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