Mitra, Goddess of Fire and Light

When mortals cowered in fear of the night and the storm, when ice bit at their limbs, it was Mitra, Goddess of Fire and Light, who came into the world.

She is fire, and so as she warmed hearts, so too did she burn blood. As she banished the darkness, so too did she conjure shadows. Mitra is a fickle god, terrifying and changeable as the Sky from which she is born. From her are born all the gods of good, light, and healing.

And also born from her are many gods of darkness. For Mitra’s greatest enemy and ally is the one who stands opposite to all her fury and fire: Kyloth, the God of Darkness and Death. From their union, from their great battles, from the endless darkness of void, destruction, and shadow conjured in their wake were born secrets, chaos, and fear. In the end, it was Kyloth who was cast into the darkness, to slumber deep in the Sea, and it was Mitra who ascended into the Sky, but who can still be found in the brightest flames and stars.

The children of Mitra include: Pelor, the Sun God, Akna, Goddess of Life, Imperius, God of Order, and Ouma, the Moon Goddess

Mitra, Goddess of Fire and Light

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