Northstar Session 5

The party consisting of Noise the warforged, Luna the rogue, and Sybille the champion of Tiamat, woke up in a strange stone tower.

After making their way through the tower, the party soon realized that they had traversed it before. They deduced that they were stuck in some kind of recursive loop.

The party encountered many Dragon Cultists, as well as Princess Leyanna of Skalholm, who recounted how she had been captured by Deathwatch soldiers. Her memory was a bit muddled, but she concluded that Deathwatch must have sold her to the Dragon Cult for some nefarious purpose.

After a few failed attempts to reach the final floor of the tower, the party finally confronted the one controlling the recursion curse: the White Dragon Priest of Tiamat, a vampire named Adrien. The party attacked him, but he managed to escape. However, in doing so the party was able to break the recursion curse.

Their memories slowly returned, though some seemed more like dreams. Noise realized that the Black Dragon Mask which Adrien had sought was hidden within them, and managed to retrieve it. Why it had been hidden, they did not know. Sybille resolved to meet with Sonny at the hideout of the betrayer to the Dragon Cult, apparently having been occupied on her current mission for more than a week. Leyanna and her guardsmen requested that the group travel with them to Skalholm to answer their questions about the rise of Tiamat.

Together, the group set out to first confront the betrayer, and then to journey to Skalholm.

Northstar Session 5

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