The All-Tome

The dwarves were one of the first mortal races to build cities, back when beasts and gods ruled the land. While elves were eager to embrace magic and mysticism, the dwarves were more reluctant; perhaps they preferred the warrior spirit, or perhaps they recognized some inherent danger in the pursuit of the arcane.

It is strange then to think that the dwarves created one of the most powerful magical artifacts in all the land: the All-Tome, a codex of magic and more. The All-Tome was constructed such that it contains all knowledge; spells, names, and even thoughts. It encompasses the world.

Moreso, the All-Tome is said to have power of its own to change what is written within. In other words, a wielder of the All-Tome could destroy and create simply by altering the book.

Of course, all of this is speculation based on old legends and tales. It is more likely that the All-Tome is simply a very old book.

The All-Tome

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