The Four Queens of Mingi-Taw

Firstly, you should know: The Old Dwarves acknowledged only a few deities, before the dawn of Moradin, who ushered them into a new age of order, strength, and wealth. The Old Dwarves believed that all things existed as both good and evil, chaos and order, and that none could be trusted.

Krom was their master, who ruled the earth. Moradin was born from the flames of his forge, as fed by the All-Mother. Obad-Hai, the Great Beast, reigned over the surface world and its creatures. Ehlonna, the Stormweaver, blessed the elves. Pel, the Sky’s Son, made the sky bright, and held the moon in his palm. And the Nameless God made the shadows cold and dark, and drowned all things in the water. His realm was Brimir, or Death.

The Old Dwarves were given magic by the All-Mother. But her fire is fickle and dangerous; her light is harsh and blinding. So the Dwarven Magii were blinded by their arcane power. And the shadows cast by their great light gave rise to great evil that consumed many of the dwarven kingdoms.

In the Halls of Mingi-Taw, four dwarven queens crafted a tome of magic and light to protect against the darkness. In the end, they were forced to sacrifice the burning heart of their mountain to the Nameless God. And Mingi-Taw grew dormant.

The Four Queens of Mingi-Taw

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