The Last Valkyr Backstory

Centuries ago, the Dragon Lords- children of Tiamat and Bahamut- ruled over all of mortalkind. The fate of mortals seemed hopeless, until the emergence of the valkyr- a race of dragon hunters.

With the guidance of the valkyr, mortalkind banded together to defeat Bahamut and his insidious priests. But the power of the valkyr was tied to the dragons. As more dragons fell, the valkyr lost their power, becoming what they are now: humans. The heroes of mortalkind set out to topple Tiamat as well, but without the powers of the valkyr their victory seemed unlikely. It would take a miracle, or perhaps heroes of exceptional bravery and skill, to stand against the tyranny of Tiamat.

Return now to High Realm’s past, to the time of the Last Valkyr- and the first Hollow King of the North. A time when dragons and gods ruled the world, and even the humblest of heroes could change its fate.

“The Last Valkyr” takes place in High Realm’s past, during the events of the battle against Tiamat’s forces, following Bahamut’s defeat. The party, under the guidance of their tentative ally the Gold Dragon Priest, must defeat not only the manifestation of Tiamat but her remaining Dragon Priests as well.

The Last Valkyr Backstory

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