Crom, God of Earth

When the dragons and beasts of old ruled over the mortal races, there were no blades or spells that could harm them. And so men and elves and dwarves cowered in fear, with hopelessness in their hearts.

And Crom was ever their loveless god. Crom, who tolerates neither weakness nor dishonor, who comes from the Earth, and is as vast and strong. He offers no blessings or kind words, accepts no prayers or vain offerings like the gods of fire or wind or sky. No, Crom cares only for actions.

And when mortals at last looked to the Earth, they found Crom. He was in the metal of the Earth, he was in the fire of the forge and the steel of the blade. He was in the battle cry, the spilt blood upon the field, the fallen beast. When mortals at last faced destiny and death with no fear, with only bravery in their hearts, that is when they found Crom.

Crom rules from within the mountains, the great walls of cities, the wild plains and flesh of beasts. Those who have met Crom know that there awaits not darkness or sadness or endless slumber, only valor and honor and fate. And met it shall be, for that is the will of Crom.

The children of Crom include: Heironeous, God of Valor, The Shepherd, Imperius, God of Order, and Hextor, God of War

Crom, God of Earth

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