Perun, God of Retribution

In the days of old, Ehlonna of the Wind and Obad-Hai of the Earth were said to have birthed a mortal son, a fierce warrior with all the strength of a raging storm. He was named Perun, and in life he was a stalwart defender of justice. The Storm Lord, as he came to be known, won the hearts of many, but too the silent dark daggers of some. And so Perun was vanquished, not by any bright blade, but at the hands of an assassin known as the Shade of the Silent Tower.

And in death, Perun the Storm Lord rose as the God of Retribution, he who enacts revenge upon those who act with dishonor. Yet always, once his fury has subsided, there remains only a silence in the air, the mark of the Shade.

Perun is quick to lend his fury to those who seek retribution and justice. He is considered oft immoral and more vengeful than Korathir, the God of Law and Justice, but he is still a popular deity among paladins. While the Shade of the Silent Tower is not a deity, it is not uncommon to honor both as a way of balance: the angry vengeful purpose, and acceptance once purpose is fulfilled.

Perun’s symbol is a lightning bolt, or alternately a whirlwind symbol. His most prized relics are his axe, the Axe of Perun, and the blade with which he was slain, the Black Dagger. He can appear in many forms: as an armor clad warrior, a giant eagle, or even a great storm.

Warriors, paladins, or others who wish to earn the highest honors of the Storm Lord must travel the Stormpath, which consists of a great quest through all the trials Perun himself faced. The final challenge is said to be at the final resting place of Perun’s last opponent, the Shade of the Silent Tower, in an ancient tomb both blessed and cursed by Perun.

Perun, God of Retribution

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