The Devil Lords

The Outland is home to both demons and devils. It is considered the plane of chaos, and for the most part this is true because demons, who are chaotic entities, comprise the majority of the Outland’s denizens. Devils, who are lawful entities, comprise a small but well-fortified core at the heart of an otherwise endlessly swirling plane of chaos. This core is called the Nine Hells, and it is ruled by the Devil Lords.

Asmodeus, Lord of Evil
Ruler of the Ninth Hell. Asmodeus embodies all that is evil. He is the most powerful Devil Lord, but is doomed to remain imprisoned in the Nine Hells.

Typhos, Lord of Tyranny
Ruler of the Eighth Hell.

Talth, Lord of Sin
Ruler of the Seventh Hell.

Dialos, Lord of Terror
Ruler of the Sixth Hell. Dialos is one of the most active Devil Lords, having interfered with mortals numerous times throughout High Realm’s history. He is incredibly resistant to his own destruction.

Mephisto, Lord of Hatred
Ruler of the Fifth Hell.

Baal, Lord of Destruction
Ruler of the Fourth Hell.

Andras, Lord of Suffering
Ruler of the Third Hell.

Belial, Lord of Lies
Ruler of the Second Hell.

Ava, Lord of Greed
Ruler of the First Hell.

The Devil Lords

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